Mask for acne

Acne is typically caused by the interaction of bacteria, hormones and sebum, oil from the hair follicle. A conscientious skin-care regime can combat some causes. Use a weekly facial scrub followed by a facial mask. Spot-treating blemishes with a formulation of bacteria-fighting essential oils such as tea tree, neroli or lemon oil can help them heal fast.

Here are some useful tips masks for acne.


Egg Yolk Mask:

The use of vitamin A against acne scarring is best treatment, and the yolk of egg contains it. Simply whip the yolk of egg and apply it on your skin. Leave it to at least 20 minutes and relaxed your skin mussels. Then wash off.

Sea Salt or Table Salt Mask:

Take a sea salt and make a mask. Or just gently wash with salt & water mixed.
Oatmeal Mask
Blend some oatmeal with water and gently spread it onto your skin. Leave it until it dries 10-15 minutes. This mask is gentle and safe.

Egg white Mask

Mix beaten white-egg with juice of half a lemon and add 1 tablespoon ground oaten flakes. Put mask on the face for 20 minutes. Then wash the face with fresh tea added to water.

Wheat Flour Mask

Mix juice of half a lemon with 1 white-egg. Put on the face with brush. In 15-20 minutes clean with cool water. This mask draws pores well.
Mix 1 tablespoon wheat flour with grapefruit juice. Put on the face for 15-20 minutes, and then wash face with warm water. Mask nourishes skin well.


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