Fast Healing of Acne

Keep the affected area as free of oil as possible. Shampoo your hair frequently. Use all-natural soap with sulfur that is designed for acne. Wash your skin thoroughly but gently; never rub hard. Vigorous scrubbing can make acne worse.  As much as possible, avoid stress. Stress can promote hormonal changes and cause flare-ups. Many dermatologists also recommend fifteen minutes of sunshine each day, regular exercise and sufficient sleep for people with acne.


Avoid wearing makeup. If you feel you must use cosmetics, use only natural, water-based products; do not use any oil-based formulas. Avoid any products containing harsh chemicals, dyes, or oils. Wash and dip makeup applicator brushes and sponges in alcohol after each use to avoid contamination. Avoid the use of oral or topical steroids, which can aggravate acne
Friction makes pimples more likely to rupture, do not squeeze the spots. To do so is to risk increasing the inflammation by causing breaks in the skin in which harmful bacteria can lodge. Do not touch the affected area unless your hands have been thoroughly cleaned