Mask & Toning


Cleansing the skin is a type of skin cleaning; like that only mask also does a sort of skin cleaning. The ingredients of mask are depended on the skin type of the person who is using the mask. The main work of mask is to help removing the dirt, dead skins, so that the skin looks clean, soft and young and glowing.

There are many natural ingredients which are used as mask like cucumbers, curds, lemon juice and Brewer’s Yeast. It restores the acid / alkali balance of the skin. Another ingredient of some of the masks is the peeling or the exfoliating agent-these remove the top layer which called a dead skin, from the skin and leaving behind fresh, clean and glowing skin. Fullers earth is a special type of clay often used in face packs. It contains aluminum silicate which absorbs the superficial dead cells and blots up any excessive oil on the skin it is specially used for oily skin; Kaolin is also a fine clay which has been used for oily skin.


Toning is used after cleansing the skin to freshen and tone up the skin; they also restore the acid/ alkali balance of the skin. Toners and astringents basically contain alcohol and water. Having cleansed, wipe away any last traces of dirt or oil with a skin freshener or toner which is suitable for your skin type. For dry and sensitive skin non alcoholic freshener is best, and alcohol astringents are for oily skin. If you are having a combination skin should use toner and astringent