Causes of acne

What are the causes of acne? This is a really very burning question now days for teenager’s women and men’s also. We know that acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, the bacteria P. acnes, and over production of sebum by sebaceous glands.

causes of acne

There are also lots of other general factors which contribute in making control or total eradication of acne almost impossible. These factors can be as important as the nutrients in your diet or as trifle as how you wash your face. Diet plays a significant role in skin disorders, including acne. Sometimes a lack of certain nutrients causes’ acne, and sometimes the presence of certain food items worsen acne.

The reason is said to be that toxins and food, which are not processed properly by the digestive system in absence of necessary nutrients, sometimes end up getting eliminated through skin as acne or eczema, the chemical decomposition of certain food in digestive systems increases the amount of such elements which help in acne proliferation. Like saturated fat in animal products and the hydrogenated fat in processed food, refined sugar, coffee, alcohol etc,  these produce bio-chemical toxins after decomposition in the GI tract and these toxins are released through the skin pores causing or inflaming acne. The improper digestion also helps acne to increase.


It’s also seen that most of the cosmetics also increase up of acne

because of chemicals present in them. The cosmetics which have oil bases are not ideal for people suffering from acne, as these will increase the already high amount of sebum which is an oily substance in skin.

Even water-based cosmetics sometime contain certain chemicals which worsen acne. Recent findings about acne-inducing cosmetics include blushers in which red tints have been used which make the cane worst.
We have said that improper diet, excess use of cosmetics and pollution increases the acne but apart from these all the modern day lifestyle also contributes to acne indirectly. It is also fined in some research that the stress factor increases the acne. In one such study, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine say that stress might actually worsen acne.