Skin Types

Types of skin


Before starting any thing about skin care we should first check what skin type we are having. Knowing skin type is the chief way that one can ensure there skin feels and looks its best. There are five basic skin types.


Normal skin

It has a proper balance between oil and moisture. So this skin type does not feel dry or oily ,after washing a face the skin feels smooth and comfortable ,at midnight also its looks fresh and clean . In this type of skin tone pores are visible but not large or clogged

Dry skin

It feels dry to touch and there pores are very fine. It has a dry parched appearance and has a tendency to flake easily. It is prone to wrinkles and lines. Dry skin has a thin and papery texture .After a wash it feels tight, after some time flaky patches appear.

Oily skin

As it’s clear by the, oily skin is slightly too moderately greasy. it feels very greasy. The texture is often very thick and coarse. It is large, visible pores.
After a wash it feels fine. After some time it looks shiny.


Combination skin

This type skin has a few dry patches and a few oily patches. Dryness is usually on the cheeks and oiliness is usually on the T-zone. After a wash some areas feel dry and some areas smooth. After some time the T-zone is shiny.

Sensitive Skin Type


This type of can be easily irritated .It has a fine texture and is very sensitive to changes in the climate. This type of skin has typical reactions like itching, burning, chafing and stinging .After a wash it feels dry and itchy in places. After some times there are flaky patches and some redness.